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Do you ever feel like it’s all too much? We all experience feelings of depression, anger, anxiety or stress at certain times in our life. We understand that the fears and challenges you’re facing in life are real and that sometimes you need help to get through these tough times.

Discover the road to psychological wellbeing.

We help you examine patterns of thinking and behaviour to build your self-awareness. Tailoring sessions to suit you and your individual needs and wishes. Teaching you the tools and strategies to effectively manage your individual circumstances. Offering you real insight. Perth based Wellbeing Therapy Space counsellors are warm and engaging professionals who can help you with the problems you are facing. They are committed to providing you with understanding and support.

Get What YOU Want

We are interested in your personal preferences regarding therapy. You may (or may not) know what these are right now. If you are new to talk therapy what you like or don’t like in counselling will likely emerge over time.

Considerations for therapy include whether you are interested in exploring the past, how emotionally intense you would like the session, your preference for actively doing versus self-reflection, short-term solutions focus approach over a gradually learning about “how you do what you do” (your process). You may be interested in obtaining pain relief or increasing your level of self-awareness or both.

Sessions can be tailored at any time to meet your changing needs to ensure that you are getting what you want from therapy.


A non-judgemental and safe environment

Our psychologists are caring, non-judgemental and objective.

Understanding and empathy
Our psychologists seek to understand your experiences and emotions. We put ourselves in your shoes to better understand your individual experiences, stresses, concerns, beliefs and views.
Life skills education
Our psychologists assist you to become more self-aware, help you define the life you want and make positive changes.

Tap into a wealth of knowledge in a safe, confidential, and tranquil place. Learn how self-awareness can lead to acceptance that results in meaningful change in your life. We listen attentively and are available to help you resolve your issues.

For your peace of mind, Medicare and private health fund rebates can be used.

Your psychologist will be in contact once you have made an appointment or upon request.

Get in touch today at info@wellbeingtherapyspace.com.au and start your journey!

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Contact Us

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