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How to Forgive Those Who Wrong You

We all make mistakes. You will make them and the people around you will make them – it’s inevitable. But how we deal with our mistakes can have a profound impact on our quality of life. Looking back on the wrongs done to you, can cause intense

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How to Deal with Unreasonable Behaviour

At some point in our life, we all encounter an unreasonable person. Maybe you’re stuck with this difficult individual at work or, even worse, at home. Maybe you used to be in love with this person but now that you have broken up, their pain and anger

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How Do I Tell My Partner They’re Wrong?

Being in a relationship is wonderful when you agree on issues, but it can be so very infuriating when you disagree. As a couple in love, it is natural to fight once in a while. At first you may worry that this will ruin your relationship, however

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9 Life Lessons from “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”

Everything important . . . I learned from Dr Seuss. The 2nd of March is Dr Seuss Day (although sometimes I think every day should be Dr Seuss Day) and I thought I’d take this opportunity to discuss my all time favourite Dr Seuss book “Oh, The

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So you have the Valentine’s Day blues?

Valentine’s Day may highlight what you most desperately want but do not have in your life. You may be miserable in your relationship, in the middle of a separation or a single who has lost hope. Being exposed to all those messages about being “in love” can

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Tips for Choosing a Psychologist or Counsellor

Perhaps people keep telling you to talk to someone… or maybe you have been thinking it is time to seek professional help. But who should that person be? What is important for therapy? It is commonly understood by therapists that the relationship or therapeutic alliance between client

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Someone You Love is Depressed

Caring for a depressed person can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience. It can also be emotionally draining and lonely. Emotions can be contagious and often there is a risk of you becoming depressed yourself. You’re Important, Too When it comes to supporting someone you care about

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Social Anxiety

Many people are extremely uncomfortable in social situations. Individuals respond differently to different types social situations. If you can relate to the below statements, you may be experiencing some level of social anxiety. To connect with others in a social situation is literally terrifying. This may be

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Parenting Difficulties

Parenting There is so much information available now on how to be a great parent. There is so much pressure on parents to do things perfectly in order to do the least possible damage to our children. Parenting comes rife with the judgement of others, comparisons to

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